k1Our name includes LegalS and Legal Security in the legal security that was reflected in our motto: LegalS – Your reliable legal security!

LegalS legal company dynamically developing at the market of legal services.

During our successful practice, we have developed the concept of the Company, in good faith, have created a large resource base, has earned the respect, confidence and reputation among partners.

Our professionals continuously improve their qualification and use fresh innovative approach in the implementation of long-perspective strategy and daily projects.

Business, as a basis for economic development of the state, is an important component of a successful society.


It is an enabling business environment is key to the development of society in General and guarantee the well-being of the population. In modern conditions the business does not receive adequate support from the state: both in financial resources and in terms of its reference.
Effective legal support of business is to defend from external challenges and establishing business processes within the enterprise.

LegalS are a team of professionals, successfully developed and focused on efficient and quality services. Key aspects of our work is the stability, objectivity and a deep understanding of business partner. Our commitment is based on professional knowledge and equilateral industry experience to make our partners ‘ business more clear and effective. We act promptly and are responsible for our actions. The expertise and integrated approach are our most valuable asset. We are working to improve the business partners and the future of our team.